One of our interns is currently enjoying the weather and fashion in Paris.  Here are some of her street style photos she’s snapped while away.

I wish for…

Yet another segment from one of our favs Daria…

“ I wish…”

If I was granted three wishes, I would wish to permanently relocate to Paris (the city of my dreams), have unlimited access to purple skittles and live inside the magical land of Kate Spade. This colorful world is nothing but enchanting, and I am for one ready to leave my gray reality for this sunny dream land. But when I found out I could combine both my first and third wishes I nearly fell off my chair! The fall presentation, Styled by Brad Goreski is Paris inspired with illustrations by blogger Garance Dore (check out her blog, she is inspirational). Needless to say I am in heaven and on my upcoming trip to Paris I will be wearing a few Kate Spade pieces. The polka dots, the flirty feminine silhouette and the fun party girl vibe is just another appealing addition to what my fantasy land!  Although I wish I could live in Kate Spade clothing every day, I am forced to deal with reality. But I have found some amazing finds on shopmyclothes that are similar to her latest collection, no one will ever know. This Black peplum skirt is one of them and it will be brilliant with these Kate Spade heels available on shopmyclothes



Sustainable Clothing…

There is no doubt that green is the new style to wear, and more designers are now eco continuous when sending garments down the runway. Like this next fashion house, here at ShopMyClothes we support investing in pieces that are timeless and re-wearing garments that are previously loved.

One of my personal favorites is Henrietta Lundgate, the winner of the ‘Fashion Innovation Award’ from the Ethical Fashion Forum. Henrietta sources her fabrics locally and finds creative ways to reuse materials in her surroundings. Last season, she reused baseball caps, horse blankets and upcycled Scottish Yarn to create her first line of knitwear. The designer is attempting to create pieces that are timeless and can be handed down through generations. “Our ethos is in a way anti consumer establishment, pieces that integrate beautifully into your wardrobe no matter the season or trend” the designer explains.

I am absolutely in love with the Henrietta’s designs, they are clean, fresh and wonderfully put together. She also puts a dash of unique styling into her accessories which I love. I am a huge fan of mixing plain white dresses with fun chunky necklaces. The idea behind purchasing expensive pieces is making sure the item is worth the investment. Next time you shop make sure you consider pre-loved items; being sustainable and responsible never looked better.



I wish for…

First off we’d like to welcome our newest member to the ShopMyClothes team, Daria.  She’ll be helping out with the blog and coming up with some new fantastic features and concepts for our readers to enjoy.  So without a further adieu…'I wish for…'

One of my favorite places to get outfit inspiration has always been the fashion section of the New York Times. Seeing what ordinary people put together is much more realistic than even say what some bloggers are able to put together now. For many blogging has became a job and now many of the talented bloggers are getting sponsored by designers and brand houses making their outfits less and less affordable.

This spring scarves are dominating street style and I am now convinced that they are an absolute must have. Here are some inspiring outfits made better by adding a scarf.



Now with all that being said how can I do this and still make it affordable. Well here are some amazing scarves you can get for significantly cheaper.  

This Alexander McQueen scarf is perfect, and is on my wish list for sure as well as this coach piece

The best thing about these pieces is that they are a great investment and can be worn in so many ways.